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Directors' Duties eLearning Series

This eLearning series will provide a comprehensive understanding of directors’ duties for those looking to expand on their existing knowledge. Delivered in the format of 5 technical sessions, short form tests and a relevant case study to illustrate the topics being covered.


This eLearning series will provide a comprehensive understanding of directors duties for those looking to expand their existing knowledge of the subject. Delivered in the format of 5 technical sessions, short form tests at the end of each chapter and a relevant overarching case study to illustrate the topics being covered.

The series will equip attendees with and in-depth knowledge of directors’ duties from pre-insolvency procedures to the roles and responsibilities of charitable trustees. The course is delivered in a format which is accessible to all, and at the attendee’s own pace.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should understand:

  • The different types of directors under the Companies Act 2006 (including executive, non - executive, de facto, shadow) and their respective duties and liabilities
  • The process of appointment and termination
  • Directors’ reliefs from liability
  • Directors’ duties under other statutes including those relating to bribery, health and safety, environment
  • The process for effective board meetings and informal directors’ decision making
  • Remote decision making/execution of contracts, updated processes from Companies House and wrongful and fraudulent trading under the Insolvency Act 1986
  • Directors’ conflicts and interests in transactions with the company
  • The risks under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986
  • Practical action points for directors

CPD Hours: 5

Session Title
Session 1

Advising directors pre-insolvency

This session aims to provide a practical high-level guide to advising directors at the pre-insolvency stage i.e. when their company is in financial distress but prior to entering a formal insolvency process.  The key relevant legal principles, including the impact of the recent leading case of BTI 2014 LLC v Sequana SA [2022] UKSC 25, will be discussed and applied in the context of a case study, with particular focus on continued trading, payment of creditors and conflicts of interest.


Stephen Edwards, Partner, Crowe – view bio

Alison Bruce, Senior Associate, Cripps – view bio

Joanna Ford, Partner, Cripps – view bio

Session 2

Office-holder's claims against directors (Part 1) 

The session will cover claims against directors by insolvency office-holders, in transactions at an undervalue, preferences, breach of duty, wrongful trading, claims under directors' loan accounts and wrongful dividends.

This Part 1 will consider claims from the point of view of the office-holder. Part 2 will consider the point of view of those advising the defendant directors.


Jamie Leader, Partner, Enyo Law – view bio

David Hinrichsen, Director, FRP Advisory – view bio

Session 3

Office-holder's claims against directors (Part 2)

This session focuses on advising directors on their potential defences to officeholder claims. Where part 1 focussed on the officeholder perspective, part 2 focusses on the director perspective, to give you an insight into how directors will respond to claims made against them from a cost-benefit perspective, alongside how their legal advisers might advise them in turn. 


Morgan Bowen, Senior Associate, Mills & Reeve – view bio

Andy Taylor, Director, Isadore Goldman – view bio 

Session 4

Disqualification law and practice (pre and post COVID)

Beginning with a recap on the purpose of the disqualification regime and corresponding legislation, this session will look at the common allegations of unfitness made against directors (including post COVID - the Bounce Back Loans), defending proceedings or more likely submitting representations by way of mitigation, compensation orders/undertakings and Section 17 CDDA applications for permission to act.


Tania Clench, Legal Director, Cripps – view bio

Christopher Buckley, Barrister, Radcliffe Chambers – view bio

Catherine Doran, Barrister, Radcliffe Chambers – view bio

Session 5

Duties and liabilities of charitable trustees

An overview on the duties and liabilities of trustees of distressed charities and how these differ from the duties and liabilities of directors.  The session will also include commentary on how the Charity Commission can interact with Trustees in distressed scenarios.


Jean Tsang, Charities Lawyer and Head of Education, Bates Wells – view bio

Phil Reynolds, Partner, FRP Advisory – view bio

Warren Brooking, Director, FRP Advisory – view bio

Membership Category Price Excluding VAT
Member £250
Non-Member £300
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